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Megan Giordano • Class of 2018 • Hofstra U

I started playing for Team Long Island the fall of 2015, and from two years of playing for Coach Ryan, I have gained so much knowledge about the game. His expectations for myself and my teammates are set high and he pushes us to our limits every practice and game. He always encourages us to work hard and to get better. I am very thankful to have been able to work with Coach for the past two years as he has pushed me everyday at practice. He truly is a great teacher and an amazing coach. people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want.


Kimi Chapparelle • Starting 3rd Base/SS Iona College

Ryan was one of the few coaches that actually cared about my future as a softball player and cared about me pursuing my dreams to be a division one softball player. He has a lot to do with my success at this level. He was very hard on me and it took me awhile to realize that it was coming from a very good place in his heart. He never wanted me to miss an opportunity. He really knows the game and everything he does or says has a motive behind it. I really learned a lot from him even though I didn't know him for that long. Off the field he taught me a lot of life skills like how to talk to a coach, how to prioritize what's important, and how to manage my time. Overall, he's a great coach and an even better person, I'm so pleased to have been his player.

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Gianna Degaltini • Starting SS for Canisus College

There aren't enough words to thank you for everything that you've done for me. Coming onto your team as a freshman in high school, I brought a lot of talent and "swag". Although over the years it progressed to only disappear for awhile, you never gave up on me. When it became a challenge for you as a coach to coach me, you find it in yourself to only push me harder. You have taught me a lot about what it means to have a great character and hard work ethic. You have instilled these characteristics in me to make me the best I could be. You also have always taught me to hold myself to the highest standard because if I believed I could be great then no one could ever take that away from me and especially to hold myself accountable. I truly wouldn't be where I am today, playing Division 1 softball without your help. I often find myself reminiscing on the many moments we've shared. The long practices, the disagreements and the many successes we've had coach to player. The way you coach has gotten me to be the best and for that I am so grateful. I believe that you care to advocate for your players. Any athlete who has that should be so thankful and to emphasize that, I am very thankful to have been coached by you. Everything you've done for me has never gone unnoticed and I hope that people every day learn to appreciate the person/coach you are. So I'd like to take the time again to thank you because I'd be nowhere if it wasn't for you. Thank you Ryan.


Nick Gazivoda • Father of Alyssa • Trinity College

If you’re like me, I didn’t know the difference between travel programs. I also didn’t understand the importance of getting your child in a program that’s all about their development. I wasted time, money, and effort by joining programs that promised a lot and always under delivered. This is why I am writing this review. 


TC Futures is about your child, developing and bringing out their best potential. Coaches Ryan, Cyndi, and Andy are dedicated to making your kid better so that when it comes time for colleges to look at them for recruiting, they make the best first impression. 


There are a lot of programs available but we haven’t seen one that is so focused on player development. Whether it’s one on one training, team building, and in game situations, the Coaches take the time to help the player understand what they can be doing to improve both on and off the field. 


My daughter and I are extremely fortunate to have met Coach Ryan and TC Futures when we did. We joined TC Futures in my daughters junior year and they worked her but off because they saw she had the potential and the will to become a better ball player. Here’s our end result: TC Futures had my daughter for less than two years… and I’m proud to say that my daughter is committed to the 36th top ranked college in the world and will be their starting catcher! That’s what player development, strong coaching, and guidance will get you!


Mike Papaleo • Father of Tori • Middlebury

Ryan Castle of TC Futures has a desire to see others excel beyond what they believe their achievements and abilities may be. His approach is to get the very best from every girl who enters his program. Besides being an excellent instructor who runs high tempo practices with an emphasis on skill development, Ryan's attitude and influence towards the girls have been an added benefit. The program is filled with many knowledgeable, caring and hardworking coaches, like Cindy and Andy, who truly love teaching and help the girls take the next step beyond High School to play in College. My daughter Tori joined Ryan's competitive program late by softball standards, entering in her junior year of High School. Over a years period Tori made significant progress under Ryan"s tutelage and benefited greatly from his expertise and experience, while Cindy and Andy worked tirelessly exposing the girls to the college recruiting process and endlessly working with them on their game. The girls on my daughter's team all came from very nice families that all supported their daughters and the process, making our time together extremely memorable.   Make no mistake this is not a "pay to play organization," your daughter has to be serious about softball, but at the same time if this is a sport she loves and wants to continue to enjoy at a higher level, then this is the place to be. Ryans tireless approach has served my daughter well. A successful summer garnered up a bunch of college interest for Tori. She accepted an offer from her top academic choice - Middlebury College in Vt. The Middlebury Coach actually offered Tori after a game as she walked off the field at a tournament in Boston MA, while she was wearing her TC Futures uniform. The parents and I counted over 20 college coaches at that particular game, many of which were watching TC Future players. This program provides every avenue necessary for your daughter to play softball at any level in college, and we are very grateful to Ryan for the opportunity. 


Ryan and his staff understand the true worth and potential of a person, and they are able to help the girls discover this in themselves, which goes beyond what any dollar amount for most other organizations could provide. 


Lori Kasper • Mother of Tori • Ithica

Over the past few years working with Coach Ryan and the TC Staff, our daughter has developed both the physical and mental skills to become an amazing shortstop.  Additionally, Ryan has helped ignite her inner passion for being a middle infielder as he has pushed her very hard to always strive to be better.  When she first started with Coach Ryan, she was reluctant to take on a leadership role on the team; however, over time, with Ryan’s mentoring on and off the field, she has become the natural leader we knew was inside her.   A year ago, our daughter wasn’t sure whether she wanted to play at the college level.  Ryan helped her realize that she has the talent and passion for the game to continue to the next level, and she couldn’t be happier with her decision.  Thank you Ryan and TC Staff!


Ryan and his staff understand the true worth and potential of a person, and they are able to help the girls discover this in themselves, which goes beyond what any dollar amount for most other organizations could provide. 


Linda Rondon • Mother of Taylor Rondon

Coming into the program later than most girls did, my daughter Taylor was new to the idea of travel softball. As her mother, I knew I would share this journey with her every step of the way. We both quickly realized we had a lot in store for us. 

In an instant, my daughter was introduced to the ins and outs of her position. 

TC Futures’ unique approach helps players understand their strengths and continuously build on them through a masterfully designed, rigorous training curriculum. 

My daughter came in the program with little experience, however, Ryan Castle and his organization immediately presented her with many opportunities for growth. 

While most of the work has to come from the determination of the player herself, TC Future provides everything a player needs to reach their full potential. 

Last but not least, the organization did a great job at helping players communicate with college coaches and getting their players in front of the right people. Thanks to TC Futures my daughter has committed to a Division I college. I couldn't be a more proud Mom. 
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